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Ok. Here is is. Have at it!

Almost no rules here. Bitch to your heart's content. Wanna say the dub sucks? Say it! Wanna say you hate manga elitists? Go for it

Just don't come crying to me if you get your feelings hurt.

The only rule I am instating* is that there will be NO personal attacks here. If you have a beef with a certain *fan* DO NOT bring it here. It will be deleted immediately. This isn't a place for open attacks. This is a place to vent about things in the fma fandom that annoy the piss out of you. (this does not include *communities* only individuals)

Aka. No posts that say "I hate [name here] because [petty reason here]" Got it, natches?

Also, a friendly suggestion, but *not* a rule: If you don't wanna end up on F_W, flocking your post is reccommended. :)

* - This is subject to change as I see fit
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